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Kim Salmela

Kim has been a creative director for one of rock and pop music’s biggest icons, Prince, owner of award-winning retail stores, designer one of the country’s largest home furnishings launches, manufacturer and designer of her own custom furniture line, and she’s just getting started.

Her inspiration originates from her globe-trotting adventures. She has an impeccable ability to mix colors, patterns, and texture. She is a believer in buying what you love and not worrying about any design rules. She is truly a designer at heart.

In 2001, Kim started manufacturing furniture in order to fulfill her vision of bold, handcrafted pieces in modern and classic silhouettes. She strives for quality over quantity and is driven by the desire to bring the latest design trends to her customers at value prices. Kim oversees the production of her furniture in order to ensure the highest quality. And overall, she wants her furniture to bring joy to her customers.